Tea With Winnicott

Tea with Winnicott book cover
Book cover of “Tea with Winnicott”

Professor Brett Kahr,, an award-winning biographer, has resurrected Donald Woods Winnicott from the dead and has invited him for several memorable cups of tea at 87 Chester Square – Winnicott’s London residence – in which the two men discuss Winnicott’s life and work.

Kahr’s offers a conversational question and answer session with Winnicott which gives readers a thorough overview of Winnicott’s ideas and writings, and will help them understand better the historical context of his pioneering psychoanalytical contributions.

The book offers a highly creative but very readable and instructive text and is the first in a new series entitled Interviews with Icons – which will include Sigmund Freud and Melanie Klein and have a broad appeal to many readers. The book is lavishly illustrated by Alison Bechdel, with original drawings of Winnicott based on unpublished photographs of him from Kahr’s own archive.