Welcome to New SAP Training Opportunities

We are pleased to announce the completion of the SAP Escalator Model of training opportunities that now includes a Re-Structured 4 times weekly Training in Adult Analysis.

Over the past few years, there have been significant changes in the SAP’s attitude to training, maintaining at all times a depth and quality to all we offer, but developing new projects that permit interested professionals wishing to train as psychotherapists or analysts to study at the SAP earlier in their careers than has previously been possible. The escalator is made up of 4 different trainings; some people follow though from one course to another; others select what is appropriate to their personal needs and experience:

The very popular one year Foundations Course in Analytical Psychology that continues to attract a mix of people who are thinking of embarking on analytic or psychotherapy training as well as those who wish to learn more about Jung, his ideas and post-Jungian developments. There are two Foundation Courses, one that is London-based at the SAP and a second in Chichester, Sussex. All are welcome.

A one-year in training in Therapeutic Skills is now in its second year, attracting interest from those who wish to learn more about how to use themselves in interaction with others, often as a prelude to further training.

The new, successful training in twice-weekly Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is in its 3rd year with more than 20 trainees at various stages of training. Potential candidates will need to submit an application and be interviewed formally in order to participate.

Last, but by no means least, we have re-structured our 4 times weekly Analytic Training to make it more accessible to those who have previous training and clinical experience. The new training offers three different routes of entry depending on experience, three possible application dates per year and three years of seminars developed on a modular basis to permit flexibility for trainees. The training includes weekly seminars on a Tuesday afternoon including a clinical case discussion and termly Saturday Seminars and Workshops on specific themes.

Members of the Training Faculty would be delighted to meet with you individually for an informal interview to discuss your training interests. Please come and see us. You can make an appointment through Urvi Bhatt, Education Manager using the contact form.

Jan WienerMary HortonJay Barlow
Director of Training Deputy Director of Training – Psychotherapy Training Deputy Director of Training – Analytic Training