30 JULY TO 2 AUGUST 2020

The title for the conference is inspired by Volume 10 of Jung’s Collected Works, ‘Civilisation in Transition’. This volume contains essays written between 1918 and 1958 and collects together some of Jung’s various responses to the period of massive social upheaval and destruction through which he was living. 
The topics addressed by Jung in Volume 10 seem as pertinent today as they did in Jung’s time, perhaps with an even greater sense of urgency. His papers in that volume include essays on the unconscious, the undiscovered Self, the shadow, the state of ‘psychotherapy today’, the spiritual problem of modern man, conscience, good and evil, archaic man, Eastern religions, flying saucers, and one called ‘After the Catastrophe’, amongst others.

For more information on the conference and the venue please follow this link.