The Foundations Course is for anyone interested in learning more about Jung’s ideas, and the relevance and impact they have in our lives, both at an individual level and also collectively in our Jungworld today. Each week’s session focuses on a particular Jungian concept.  A speaker, one of our members, gives a talk with an opportunity for large group discussion. This is followed by smaller group discussions where group members explore the ideas and theory together in a deeper, fuller way.

This course is very popular. People come from all walks of life, with a mix of clinical and non-clinical interests, but all with a curiosity to learn more about Jung’s contribution to psychoanalysis and the development of his own particular approach to psychic life and our search for meaning. The course explores many of the basic concepts intrinsic to analytical psychology, and some subjects are returned to in later talks in a cyclical and deepening way. The speakers also present the unique approach of the Society of Analytical Psychology, with our links to psychoanalysis through the pioneering work of Michael Fordham, which has created ‘the developmental school’ of Jungian Analysis.

This course will appeal to you if you are intrigued by Jung’s ideas and would like to understand them more. You will have an experience of exploring the meaningful questions of life with like-minded people in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You may simply find you are interested in the course without knowing why. All good reasons to attend.

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Maggie McAlisterMaggie McAlister

Course Convenor