About our Analysts

The Society of Analytical Psychology is a founder member of the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC). All our members are registered either with the BPC or the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). All are also members of the International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP).

People who have trained with the Society of Analytical Psychology have usually had a previous training in a related mental health profession, for example, medicine, psychology, or social work, or have completed some other training in psychotherapy or counselling.

The three-year training programme includes close supervision of the trainee’s work as well as a personal analysis (4 or 5 sessions weekly), and theoretical study of Jungian, post-Jungian and psychoanalytic ideas. There is an emphasis on infant and child development in the course, which offers an understanding of the origins and complexities of problems experienced in later life.

All our analysts therefore have considerable experience of working with a variety of individuals and a range of difficulties, and are able to work more intensively in analysis (meeting four or five times weekly if necessary), or less intensively as is required or practicable for the particular person.

Categories of Analyst

We have three categories of analyst: Member,Training Analyst and Supervising Analyst. Anyone wishing to train at the Society is required to be in analysis with a Training or Supervising Analyst.

Analyst members have completed an analytic training, which includes close supervision of their clinical work and an in-depth personal analysis.

Psychotherapist members will have completed a psychodynamic psychotherapy training of at least three years, which includes close supervision of their clinical work and a substantial period of at least twice weekly psychotherapy or analysis.

SAP trainee analysts and psychotherapists are experienced practitioners who have had personal analysis or therapy and are now undertaking further rigorous training with the SAP. They have  been carefully selected on the basis of their maturity and prior experience and have extensive SAP training prior to beginning with SAP Clinic patients.

You will be in good and safe hands.

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