The SAP’s Core Aims

  • Promote the application and development of Jungian, post-Jungian and psychoanalytic concepts.
  • Provide high standards of professional training and education from the unique SAP perspective.
  • Provide access to analysis and psychotherapy through our Society of members and through the SAP Clinic.

Our Philosophy

  • We combine innovation and tradition.
  • We have a unique role whereby we offer a bridge between the Jungian and psychoanalytic traditions through Fordham’s work on child and infant development and, by extending this, the entire developmental process.
  • The psychoanalysis which we practice, teach and publicise, is informed by the synthesis of the ideas of Jung, of Michael Fordham, and by the ideas of human development as developed by Melanie Klein.  We hold over 75 years of innovative thought in these combined areas.
  • We are serious, rigorous, challenging and with a long tradition. We are grounded, creative, intellectual and imaginative.
  • We adhere to our Jungian tradition and we embrace modern developments: we hold an integrative perspective.
  • We believe in intense analytic work as in the psychoanalytic tradition, going to the root of the personality.
  • We believe, with a strong analytic core, practitioners can also work in a less intensive way, enabling the profession to build capacity and reach more patients.

We deliver Public Benefit by:

  • The wide dissemination of and generation of interest in Jungian and post-Jungian thinking.
  • Supporting a membership that delivers benefit to public health.
  • Providing access to events and resources for the wider public.
  • Delivering high quality training to future Jungian analysts and psychotherapists so they can provide help to members of the public.
  • Providing a Clinic and Consultation Service.