Seeking psychological help is an important and serious matter.  The SAP Clinic understands it can be difficult, and understanding the different approaches to mental health can be confusing. Here is a brief account of our approach.

We offer psychological help through Jungian psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. This has been developed from the work of Dr Carl Jung and from other schools of psychoanalysis.

Through our lives, our emotional experiences change how we feel about ourselves and others.  This can lead to psychological problems, affect our mental health and can be difficult to talk about.  These problems can also be hard for us, and for others, to understand. For example, we may repeat patterns over which we feel we have no control.  This can happen even if we know they work against us.  We can also resist change, even if we know change is good for us, which can lead to unhappiness and worse.  To bring about change, our unconscious processes need to be understood.

This is our approach to providing psychological help.  It involves you in working with an analyst or therapist on a regular basis. The analyst or therapist provides a safe space for this work. They will help you to understand the deeper processes at work which can cause mental health problems. Understanding your own ‘internal self’ more deeply makes it possible to address problems and symptoms, and to face obstacles to feelings of wellbeing and fulfilment.

Seeking psychological help is an important step and our approach is not suitable for everyone.  The pages to the right – and elsewhere on this site – explain more about analysis, our use of the couch and psychotherapy.  Please read these pages before you contact us. Please also be aware that the demand for our services is high and we have limited places for reduced-fee patients.