The SAP is a member-institution of the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC), our regulatory and standard-setting body.

The majority of our members are registered with the BPC and subject to the BPC’s Code of Ethics and professional standards and guidelines.  The BPC’s Ethical Framework may be accessed here.  Our trainees are subject to the SAP’s Code of Ethics and their clinical practice is supervised by SAP analysts.

We have measures in place for Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk and have a programme of Safeguarding training for our members and trainees.

We take our duty of care to those in treatment with us extremely seriously.  Any complaint concerning our members relating to standards of clinical practice and ethical matters should be submitted to the BPC or UKCP.

For the BPC, consult  for contact details and advice on submitting a complaint to the BPC.  For the UKCP, consult for contact details and advice on making a complaint.

For patients of the SAP Clinic, a complaints procedure exists for complaints to be addressed swiftly with the care and attention needed.  This procedure is available from the SAP Clinic Director at

Any complaint relating to non-clinical matters should be submitted in writing to the SAP Chief Executive at