There are SAP analysts who are qualified to work with children and adolescents. They are available on a private basis. The analysts are members of the Association of Child Psychotherapists as well as of the Society of Analytical Psychology.

There is a wide range of difficulties for which children and adolescents may be referred for analysis. Children may be able to make use of analysis or analytic psychotherapy from an extremely early age, as soon as they are capable of verbal communication and play. Parent and infant psychotherapy is also possible.

What might a parent consider to be reasons for seeking analysis for their child?

Difficulties may include, but not be confined to:-

Infancy and early childhood difficulties:

Separation difficulties, sleep disturbances, feeding or eating disturbances, bedwetting, crying, nightmares, phobias and fears, failure to make satisfying relations with the mother and/or others, sibling jealousy and aggression, sexual preoccupations, sexual identity issues; there are manifest symptoms of depression in this age group that do not present as ‘depression’ per se.

Middle childhood difficulties:

The areas listed above may apply, as well as aggressive or difficult relations with parents, siblings and others; learning difficulties and behavioural difficulties in school.

Adolescent difficulties:

Excessive anger or unhappiness, aggression, substance abuse, self-harm, suicidal behaviour, excessive introversion and brooding, sleep and eating disturbances, school or work difficulties, relationship difficulties.

How does analysis with children and adolescents proceed?

Child and Adolescent Analysts work with children of different ages differently, but the same analytic principles apply to children of all ages as to adults. However, Child Analysts usually use certain play and drawing materials as a means of communication and understanding of unconscious mental life. With adolescents the play materials are not used, generally, and the emphasis is, as with adults, more on verbal communication.

Analysis or analytic psychotherapy (the differences between these may be explored and discussed with the prospective analyst), as well as the duration of the work, the frequency of the session, the fees and other conditions are determined at the outset in discussion with the analyst.

Work with children entails regular contact with the parents as well, with the exception of older adolescents, normally. This too will be discussed and the conditions decided at the commencement of treatment.

This type of analysis is not available through the reduced-fee clinic. Please contact an analyst directly to check for availability.