Analysis and psychotherapy are for adults, young people and children. Our highly qualified members work with a wide range of problems. They use their experience and skills in a unique and creative way.

People looking for analysis or therapy come from all kinds of backgrounds and life experiences. Some people come with a sense of dissatisfaction and lack of fulfilment. Others are looking to find meaning in their lives. Some come with anxiety, depression and suicidal feelings or with social anxieties and relationship difficulties.

Many children and adolescents cope with behaviour problems or disturbed relationships at home, work or school. They often have eating or sleeping problems. Therapy can really make a difference.

Analysis and psychotherapy are often needed by people whose professional work demands increased self-understanding, for example, those in health care, social work and religious settings.

Whatever the difficulty, working with an analyst or psychotherapist can bring about lasting, positive change.

Effectiveness of analysis and psychotherapy

People who have had analysis or psychotherapy are usually able to maintain the changes they have achieved rather than finding them slipping away over time. One of the main reasons for this is that they have reached a good understanding of themselves and can bring this understanding to new situations and challenges.

People are suitable for analysis and therapy regardless of age, colour, race, religion, sexual orientation or educational status.