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Seminar 1

Robinson, H. & Fuller, V. G. (2003) The Story of Narcissus Chap 1 pp. 5-12 In Understanding narcissism in clinical practice. London: Karnac (ISBN: 1855759381)

Note: Hazel also requests that you read Chapter 2 (pp.13-29) and Chapter 4 (pp.67-84) from the above book as well. However, under copyright restrictions, we cannot digitise these chapters. Please refer to the reference shelf in the library for a copy of the book.

Seminar 2

Rosenfeld, H. (1987) Narcissistic patients with negative therapeutic reactions pp.85-104 In Impasse and interpretation London: Tavistock/Routledge (ISBN: 0415010128)

Britton, R. (2003) Narcissistic problems in sharing space chap. 11 pp.165-178 In Sex, Death and the Superego London: Karnac (ISBN: 1855759489)

Please note that:

  • articles that can be found on PEP Web have not been copied and uploaded.
  • only one out of two or more chapters have been copied and uploaded where prescribed due to copyright rules.
  • References relating to background reading and books where no particular chapter has been specified have also not been copied and uploaded.

In these instances, Andrew has left copies of the relevant books on the special shelf for you.