Therapeutic Skills Course

An exploration of reflective practice

Autumn 2017 in Guildford

The SAP is reliably able to attract fascinating, motivated, articulate, passionate students. I also include in the “study group” our course facilitator. Clare has managed both to lead from the front and to support from within.

— Therapeutic Skills participant

Are you interested in a career as a therapist? Perhaps you are working in the helping professions and would like to develop your communication skills, or maybe you would like to understand more about human interactions?

Therapeutic Skills is a one-year, non-clinical course to introduce participants to the core skills necessary in therapeutic encounters.

This is an opportunity to develop an understanding of the process of therapy within the context of the SAP’s tradition of Jungian analytic thinking.

This course is for people who are interested in:

  • Understanding how we relate to ourselves and to others in the workplace and in personal relationships.
  • Building a foundation towards future training at the SAP on its training in psychodynamic psychotherapy or its Jungian analytic training.
  • Personal growth.

The course objectives are for participants to

  • develop competence in using core communication and therapeutic skills such as attending, listening and questioning,
  • practice self reflection and self evaluation,
  • deepen their understanding of the relevance of human development.

The course will have three main strands which will weave together during the year:

  • Personal development encouraging greater awareness
  • Developing a theoretical understanding of a Jungian approach to psychotherapy
  • Practical skills learning.

Methods of learning will reflect these different strands and will be informed by Jungian analytic methods such as active imagination with an emphasis on experience, imagination and play. Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on how the course is affecting them in a variety of ways. The course will also use film, myth and fairy tales, music, art and literature as well as selected articles and books as a learning base.

Duration: One year: three terms of 10 Friday afternoons (1:00 – 5:15 pm), Starting Autumn 2017

Convenor: Clare Landgrebe

Fees: £1,500

The booking form will be available from March 2017.  If you would like to be on the waiting list, please fill in the form below:

We reserve the right to cancel or alter any part of the programme due to unforeseen circumstances.