Jungian Process & Experiential Group (JPEG)

Jungian Process & Experiential Group (JPEG)

This is a monthly on-going learning experience programme

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.” Carl Jung

This exciting programme aims to meet the following interests of participants:

  • On-going personal development and exploration with like-minded people through exploring Analytical Psychology
  • Exploring the possibility of applying for the NEW twice weekly psychodynamic psychotherapy training or the Adult Analytic training
  • General exploration of concepts in Analytical Psychology through reading, discussion, debate, process and experience

Theme for 2017-18: The Individual and the collective: Private and Public Selves

In this JPEG series we shall explore the challenges of living in times where the boundary between private and public spheres of life are being increasingly challenged with clinical implications for psychotherapy and culture.  On the one hand private space is being invaded by a growing surveillance culture be it via mobiles, Facebook and Twitter, satellites. On the other hand, Society is a psychic container for all of us and when it is in turmoil or is disturbed our individual space is profoundly affected.

The psychotherapeutic project privileges individual self-awareness as a key endeavor which enables us to understand our lives of light and shade, good and bad, and so relate to others in ways which is honest, responsible, meaningful and creative.  This endeavor enables us to participate more creatively in groups and civic and political culture.  Psychotherapy is a space where we organize or process how we experience ourselves and how we consciously encounter the world.

Societies generally have value systems which privilege certain behaviors and opinions over others.  These value systems have generally emerged historically and are seen or felt to be normal.  They are very subtle and not so subtle i.e. unconsciously promoted by parents in their children and consciously promoted by Culture i.e. education, media and politics in general.  Psychotherapy however is in many ways a political project as it promotes free thinking and exploration of private feelings not necessarily condoned by the society in which both the therapist and the patient live.

In the following series of 10 Saturdays we will, using social dreaming, Films, readings, art and clinical material to explore the symbolic nature of civicness and protest, alienation and seduction, Identity, truth and the Shadow, both individually and collectively.  The main aim is think about how we represent and interpret the world and how this limits or opens up our political awareness.

You can download a JPEG Brochure 2017-2018 here

Format: JPEG meetings are held on a Saturday afternoon once a month in London.

2pm – 3pm: Social Dreaming of Film

3pm – 3.30pm: Tea Break

3:30pm – 4pm: Reading Presentation

4pm – 4:30pm: Large Group reflection/exercise

Entry requirement: The course is open to:

  • Past participants of the Foundations Course & Therapeutic Skills Course
  • Participants of previous JPEG groups
  • Current SAP trainees and course participants
  • Other individuals who have done an equivalent introductory course.

Cost: £350

You can download an application JPEG 2017-2018 here.

Application deadline: 8 September 2017

For further information or clarifications, please contact the Public Events Administrator on 020 7435 7696 or fill in the contact form

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We reserve the right to cancel or alter any part of the programme due to unforeseen circumstances.