Adolescence onwards: Working with the interminability of a mental state

two year, online Diploma Course for qualified counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, and analysts registered with BACP, UKCP, BPS, or BPC and qualified, English-speaking therapists living, practising and registered in other countries.

With limited therapeutic services available to this transitional age group, there is increasing pressure and demand on therapists in private practice and charities to treat patients within this group.

This course has been developed to further the therapist’s skill and support when working with this challenging developmental stage.

Course Aim

This course will focus on the adolescent “state of mind” and its interminability. This means that, although much of the theory and clinical work will be focused on adolescents and young adults, the attention will be on a mental functioning that is potentially interminable and can be found at any age. In addition, the term “interminability” refers to the evidence that in contemporary Western societies, fluidity and vagueness around transitions are in the foreground and constitute quite a challenging problem.

The course will support a learning and experiential space for the therapist to discover what it will mean to allow the patient’s core anxieties—conscious and unconscious—to emerge in the service of development. The course will give close attention to transference and counter-transference manifestations and to the central significance of observation.

General course information

Structure:  The course is a two-year programme covering 6 modules, three modules per year

Module 1: October – December

Module 2: January – March

Module 3: April – June

Format: The Saturday seminar day will be split into a morning seminar. This will be followed by group supervision of clinical material in the afternoon. In addition to this, course participants will also have weekly individual supervision of patients seen in a therapeutic setting.

Participants can choose to attend as many or as few modules as they wish to. However, we strongly recommend that participants sign up for at least three modules in a row.

Participants who attend all six modules over two years will be asked to write a 5000 word clinical paper on one of the cases seen in individual supervision and complete two 1-0-1 yearly supervisions on two adolescent cases.

Award: Those who attend all six modules, complete two 1-0-1 supervisions on two adolescent cases (each for a minimum duration of 6 months) AND write the clinical paper will receive the SAP Diploma in Jungian Psychodynamic Psychotherapy with Adolescents and Young Adults.

Those who attend less than six modules and/or do not write the paper and/or do not complete the two 1-0-1 supervisions will get a Certificate of Attendance.

Both the Diploma and the Certificate will count towards Continuous Professional Development credits.

Venue:                 Online

Convenor:           Dr Francesco Bisagni

Fees:                    £1400 (single payment) or 3 instalments of £500/- each

Applications are currently not open.

For further information or to get onto a waitlist, please contact the Training & Education Manager.



Francesco Bisagni, a psychiatrist, was trained as a Jungian Analyst in Italy and in London. He is currently a training and supervising analyst for the SAP. He is a Child and Adolescent psychotherapist according to the Tavistock model and also a psychoanalyst of the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis in the US. He has lectured and taught extensively over Europe, the UK, the US and Russia and has books published as author or editor, as well as articles in the major psychoanalytic journals. His latest book is ‘Obsessions: the Twisted Cruelty’, published by Karnac in 2017.