Who can benefit from analysis?

Analysis and psychotherapy is for adults, young people and children with a wide range of concerns. Some people come with a sense of dissatisfaction and lack of fulfilment and are seeking an exploration of meaning in their lives. Others come with anxiety, depression and suicidal feelings or with social anxieties and relationship difficulties.

Analysis can help adults as well as children and adolescents with traumatic life experiences and other difficulties such as behaviour problems, disturbed relationships at home, work or school, and with eating or sleeping problems.

Analysis and psychotherapy is also sometimes requested by people whose professional work demands increased self-understanding, for example, those in health care, social work and religious settings.

Analysis, through working in depth, can bring about deep-seated change.

Effectiveness of analysis and psychotherapy

Analysis and psychotherapy has been shown to be effective forms of treatment for a wide range of difficulties. People who have had analysis have been shown to maintain the changes achieved through the therapy rather than these being eroded over time. This is thought to be, in part, because they have come to be able to understand themselves better through the analysis, and therefore are more able to analyse for themselves any new difficulties that may arise. See the further page on this site describing research into the effectiveness of analysis and psychotherapy in more depth.

People are suitable for analysis regardless of age, colour, race, religion, sexual orientation or educational status.

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