Coline Covington

193 Brecknock Rd
London N19 5AB


Coline is a Training Analyst and Supervisor of the Society of Analytical Psychology and the British Psychotherapy Foundation. She has been practising as an analyst for over twenty-five years.

Born in the US, Coline came to England after receiving her BA from Princeton University. She went on to Cambridge University where she received a Diploma in Criminology and LSE where she received a Doctorate in Sociology.

She is former Chair of the British Psychoanalytic Council, the UK regulatory body for psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

From 2011-2013 Coline was Senior Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, D.C. and Visiting Research Fellow in International Politics and Development at the Open University.

She is a Fellow of International Dialogue Initiative, a think tank founded by Prof. Dr, Vamik Volkan, Lord Alderdice and Dr. Robi Friedman for politicians and psychoanalysts to work together to understand the effect of past trauma and large group anxieties on intransigent political conflict.

Coline is in full time private practice in North London.

Coline works with individuals who are facing a turning point in their lives, re-assessing their careers, their relationships, going through life changes such as divorce, bereavement or job loss, or who want to establish more fulfilling relationships. She has developed her own distinctive approach to therapy, which is supportive and challenging and aims to help clients realize their full potential and have more satisfying relationships.