Anna Bravesmith

E Trinity Rd
Edinburgh EH5 3DZ


Jungian analyst practising in Edinburgh, British Psychoanalytic Council reg.  International Association of Analytical Psychologists member, using online Zoom currently, during the pandemic. Highly experienced over 30 years in private practice in London, NHS 18 years, and supervising for 25 years (analysts, psychotherapists, art therapists, counsellors). Training and/or providing CPD events in many UK organisations including Society of Analytical Psychology, British Psychotherapy Foundation, WPFTherapy, Association of Group and Individual Psychotherapists, Highgate Counselling Centre, Birkbeck, South Bucks Counselling service, The Awareness Centre, Roehampton University and others.

Fees: £70 per 50 minute session. You do not need a Zoom account -just click on a link that I send you. Usually once weekly sessions, and possibility of increasing frequency to twice, three times or maximum four times weekly.

I am a ‘Developmental Jungian’ using synthesis of archetypal theory with object relations, attachment theory and a relational approach. Using associative talk, conversational mode, dream work and painting/drawing images relating to the inner state of mind and soul.  Fully ethical, registered with Information Commissioner’s Office and adhering to their guidelines on confidentiality. Aware of social issues, issues of class, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, sexual preference and orientation.

I can also offer Brief Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT) in which I am fully trained as a practitioner and supervisor and trainer with the Anna Freud Centre.

Inquiries welcome from April 2022.