Susanna Wright – JAP Co-editor in Chief

Co-editor in Chief, Journal of Analytical Psychology
Training Analyst, Society of Analytical Psychology
Training Analyst and Supervisor, British Association of Psychotherapists
Training Psychotherapist and Supervisor, Westminster Pastoral Foundation


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Susanna WrightWith an academic background in ancient Greek and Latin literature and philosophy (ancient and modern), followed by some years of interest and engagement in Buddhist practice, I have an interest in myth and religious mysticism.

Following later studies in psychology, I trained at the Society of Analytical Psychology in the 1990s and then studied the psychodynamics of organisations at the Tavistock.  The Tavistock’s grounding in psychoanalytic ideas, particularly informed by Klein, continues to influence my work.  More recently, four years working as a shuttle analyst in St Petersburg opened my eyes to the challenges and opportunities of working across national and cultural boundaries, and the continuing significance that Jung’s ideas hold for new generations of students internationally.  Teaching and supporting students of the Society and other trainings in London and in Russia have been, and are still, an important strand in my professional activity.  I feel acutely aware of the Journal’s potential for informing the development of new Jungian practitioners, many of whom do not have access to the resources available in London, so I will be looking for ways to extend the accessibility of its content.

The Journal represents a unique resource for research and learning, a historical document that tracks the development of analytical psychology in the London school for more than half a century.  Over the last 15 years, the dialogue that has opened up with Jungian colleagues in the US, Australia and New Zealand, Latin America, Western Europe and more recently in Russia, Eastern Europe and in China, is informing debate among the Journal’s contributors, making it a publication of international relevance and influence.  It will be the aim of my period of editorship to continue and maintain this distinguished tradition, and to foster this broadening development of interest in Jungian ideas.



2009, ‘Going Home: Migration as Enactment and Symbol‘. Journal of Analytical Psychology 54, 475-92.