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1 Is Canaletto an artist Adams, Tessa
2 Voyage in the dark Angier, Carole
3 The future of God Armstrong, Karen
4 Some Reflections on Reciprocity in the Supervisory Relationship Astor, James
5 Everything’s going beserk: talking with young children about nuclear issues Barnett, Lynn
6 Love, hate knowledge: notes on infantile states and the transcendent function Bisagni, Francesco
7 Fairy tales in analytical psychology Brieger, Johanna
8 Borderline states, incest and adolescence Brown, Geoff
9 What to do with mother-an-adolescent Girl’s dilemma Bunster, Jane
10 Oedipus or Telechus Carvallo, Richard
11 Adolescence: The recurrent experience Coghlan, Mary
12 Creation and discovery: The self in analysis Colman, Warren
13 Is feminism relevant to the new millenium Coward, Ros
14 Addictive states of mind Crowther, Catherine
15 Things greater are in less contained: Spinning a web of fairy tales Crowther, Catherine, Haynes, Jayne, Newton, Kate
16 The psychological use of fairy tales Crowther, Catherine, Haynes, Jayne, Newton, Kathleen
17 The shift away from realism in painting. Don Cupitt at Bishops House Cupitt, Don
18 The Persistent Matchmaker Davis, Hazel
19 Myth, Power and Politics Drury, John
20 The Collective Background of Child Sexual Abuse Guggenbuhl-Craig, Adolf
21 Jungian Theories & Sexuality & Sexual Relationships Colman, Gordon, Hauke, Mathers, Noack, Robinson, Thomson
22 Renewal and regeneration from a Jewish perspective Friedlander, Albert
23 The archetypal themes in Uccello’s painting: St. George and the dragon Gee, Hugh
24 The Oedipus complex in adolescence Gee, Hugh
25 To Love & to Know – the Erotic Transference as Seen by Symbolic Psychology Byington, C. A. B.
26 No Death, No Change Gordon, Rosemary
27 Loss, change, creativity Gordon, Rosemary, Wooster, Gerald
28 Through the unknown remembered gate: Aspects of separation and migration Green, Esther
29 The structure of collective shadows: why they endure Hall, James Albert
30 Jung’s Analytical Psychology – Its Additions and Extensions: C.G. Jung memorial lecture 1 March 1991 Henderson, Joseph L
31 The Yellowing of the Work Hillman, James
32 Homer, James Joyce & Jung/ The hero as healer Hobdell, Roger
33 A Jungian view of repitition compulsion Hubback, Judith
34 Marcissistic Restorations: Transference Dynamics Guy-Gillet, Genevieve
35 Finding Theory and Using It Hoehfeld, Kurt
36 The clinical use of fairy tales Kast, Verena
37 Approaching the millenium-analytical psychology and its roots in Great Britian Kirsch, Thomas
38 Fordham and the Self Urban, Elizabeth
39 Studying by a Dark Lamo: Paradox, Psychosis and Poiesis Cox, Murray
40 Social Dreaming Lawrence, Gordon
41 Interpretations: Uses and misuses Ledermann, Rushi
42 Kandinski: Genius & narcissistic disorder Ledermann, Rushi
43 Regression and Stagnation Ledermann, Rushi
44 Between science and hermeneutics: A contemporary approach to interpretation Lepper, Georgia
45 Jung and women’s search for meaning Moore, Norah
46 Negative activities of the self Moore, Norah
47 The Dark Self: Death as a Transferential Factor Mudd, Peter
48 Analytical psychology in the university Papadopoulos, Renos K, Samuels, Andrew
49 Blackfoot physics Peat, David E
50 The return of the sacred Peat, David E
51 Method or mystery Peters, Roderick
52 Archetypes or stereotypes: The role of the psychotherapists in teamwork Pietroni, Patrick
53 The shadow: This thing of darkness Plaut, Alfred
54 The tide of affairs of men: adult development in a transient culture Powell, Sheila
55 The archetype of the child revisited Proner, Barry
56 Jung, women wolves Robinson, Hazel
57 The Mirror and the Hammer Samuels, Andrew
58 The future of leadership Samuels, Andrew
59 Original Morality in a Depressed Culture Samuels, Andrew
60 The Bipolar Split in Analytical Psychology Sandner, Donald
61 On body consciousness Schwartz-Salant, Nathan
62 On the subtle body concept in clinical practice Schwartz-Salant, Nathan
63 The self in narcissistic pesonality disorders (end missing) Schwartz-Salant, Nathan
64 Jungian psychology and ancient gnosticism Segal, Robert A
65 The shadow between parents and children Sidoli, Mara
66 Separation in Adolescence Sidoli, Mara
67 Masks of the Self Haynes, J and Mantel, H
68 Dream Psychology and Jungian Clinical Attitude de Luca Comandini, Federico
69 Remaking men: archetypes masculinity and society Tacey, David J
70 Conversations without words Urban, Elizabeth
71 The Jungian self and the Buddhist no self Vajiragnama, Dr. Ven., Kvokyo-Ni, Ven., Biddulph, Desmond
72 The Dynamics of Transference & Countertransference – A model of Inner Dialogue & Parallel Processing Wilmer, Harry
73 The mindless body in action Wiener, Jan, Perry, Christopher
73 b The mindless body in action Wiener, Jan, Perry, Christopher
75 Christmas and the winter solstice Wilson, Mary
76 The science of intentions & the intentions of science Young-Eisendrath, Polly
77 Women and desire: Beyond wanting to be wanted Young-Eisendrath, Polly
78 On trying to lead a well balanced life Zinkin, Louis