To assist those seeking psychological help we offer consultations through the SAP Clinic. These take place with an experienced analyst and explore the issues which trouble you, and talk about options for help.  It is usual to have two meetings, each of 50 minutes.

The consultant you meet would not be the person you would then see for analysis or psychotherapy. In discussion with you, and with your agreement, the consultant makes a recommendation to the Clinic about suitable options.  The Clinic will contact you soon after your consultation.

You might find the consultation itself is enough to help clarify thoughts and feelings and can help you decide how to proceed.  If the SAP is not a suitable source of help for you, we shall discuss your options.

To arrange a consultation, please read the Notes for Completing Applications. You will then need to complete the Clinic Application Form after which a member of the Clinic team will be in touch.


We understand cost is often a problem.  It is possible for students, those on benefits or people on low income to apply for a low cost consultation. We support this scheme from our charitable funds.

If we recommend analysis or psychotherapy, we have a limited number of low cost places for treatment. This is with experienced students training with the SAP who work under the supervision of SAP analysts.

These places are for people who can commit to staying in treatment for a minimum period.  As a guide, for work with an analyst, this is for a minimum of two years. During this time, the commitment is for 4 sessions of analysis each week. Work with a psychotherapist is for one to two years, with 1 or 2 sessions of psychotherapy each week. In practice, these periods are usually exceeded as treatment continues for as long as needed.

Our places are available in the Greater London and surrounding area, and at times in other areas.  Sometimes the work can take place online. As places are limited, there is usually a waiting period for treatment to begin, but the Clinic keeps you informed of progress during this waiting time.


The current cost is £150 for two meetings of 50 minutes with an analyst.  For those eligible for our low cost scheme, the fee is £90 for both of these meetings.  These fees are payable in advance and are non-refundable.  To arrange a consultation, complete The SAP Clinic Application Form and return it to the SAP.  A member of the Clinic team will then be in touch.


The SAP Clinic does not provide an emergency service.  We recommend you consult your GP as soon as possible if your need is urgent.

In an emergency, or if you feel you are at risk of harming  yourself, or another person, we recommend you attend the Accident and Emergency Department of your nearest hospital without delay.  If there is an urgent need for someone to listen, we recommend you call The Samaritans on 116 123 – calls are free at any time and from any ‘phone.


If you have any questions, please complete the Clinic Enquiry Form and we will be pleased to respond.