Training courses that lead to professional qualifications (Analyst or Psychodynamic Psychotherapist)

Training in Adult Analysis

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Training

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Early Psychic States


Fordham's Model

Primary Self - Deintegration, etc

Early Psychosomatic Disturbances

Study Day: Working with Images of Mother & Child in Infancy

The Transcendent Function and Synchronicity 
Working with Symbols, Metaphors and Images 
Unum Mundum: The Imaginal Field
Social Dreaming
Classic and Archetypal approach to Working with Dreams 
Amplification & Active Imagination
Analytical Psychology and Spirituality

Study Day - A Developmental approach to working with Dreams

Approaches to the Unconscious

The Analytic Attitude 

Origins & Development of the Self

Dreams, Imagination and Development of Symbolic Capacity

Diversity:Contemporary Themes on Clinical Practice