Exploring Transitional Objects ‘Live’ in Analysis: Teddy Bears are ‘not the only fruit’

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Date(s) - 01/12/2018
10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Cambridge - Friends Meeting House



Exploring Transitional Objects ‘Live’ in Analysis:

Teddy Bears are ‘not the only fruit’

The Narrative’s Transitional Object or A Transitional Object

Sometimes we witness the patient claiming a found object, a real thing with material existence that can be seen, touched or heard, and creating with it a transitional object in the space between the analyst and themselves. There is no doubt that the transformational significance of this process, endowing the ‘thing’ with specialness and concurrently experiencing constructive psychic change, means the analysis is moving purposefully, but not through planned intention. Here the transitional object is most unlike a fetish, which we might have thought about if the patient had arrived with a ‘lucky’ and well-worn item in his/her hand to fend off anxiety. There is another aspect to the freshly made ‘live’ transitional object: it has arisen jointly with spontaneous contribution from both patient and analyst. The word ‘spontaneous’ in the context indicates a coniunctio, where previously explored strands of feeling, narrative and desire come together for the first time, but their appearance of coming ‘out of nowhere’ can be traced back, showing their connectedness.

Anna’s talk explores and re-examines transitional objects in live analytic practice, looking at questions like: to what extent is it a process that is internal/external? Is it really like a child’s comfort blanket? How does the analyst come to find she/he is joining in?

Anna Bravesmith is a Jungian analyst, member of the SAP with a private practice in North London, providing supervision, open-ended analytic work and Brief Therapy, particularly Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy. She has contributed to many trainings in London, at WPF, Birkbeck, AGIP and AJA. She has also worked for several years providing Brief Dynamic Psychotherapy and supervision in the NHS in primary care services in London. She is currently the Training Clinical Coordinator at the SAP. Anna has published papers on supervision and imagination, Brief Therapy and Jungian analysis.

Chair: Martha Stevns

This is a 2-hour CPD credit event

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