26 Jun 21

Date: 26 Jun 21

Time: 12:00 am


The Jungian Mystery School will take students on an in-depth exploration of various mystical traditions that are either directly present in or have influenced the development of Jungian psychology and continue to augment its practice. The gift of Jung’s work and legacy is the lens it offers to interpret such traditions in their psychological, symbolic, and archetypal dimensions. The Jungian Corpus constitutes, in effect, a type of modern mystery school.

 This programme in relating Jungian psychology to various schools of mysticism from around the world is unprecedented in contemporary studies in its scope and echoes the famous Eranos Conferences on the confluence of religious traditions held annually in Ascona, Switzerland, in which Jung played a central role between 1933 and 1952. The faculty for the Mystery School, selected by Murray Stein PhD and Stephen Farah MA, HOD at The Centre for Applied Jungian Studies, include some of the world’s foremost authorities on the intersection of mystical traditions and psychoanalysis.

For more information and booking please follow this link https://appliedjung.com/the-jungian-mystery-school/