Somapsyche with Richard Carvalho

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Date(s) - 11/06/2016
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Oxford - Friends Meeting House


Speaker: Richard Carvalho

Life, however it arises, can be shown to be the emergent property of organic chemistry; and intrinsic to it are properties which further its continuity and survival.  These might be seen as ‘intentional’ and as ‘psyche’, even at a bacterial level; something akin to problem solving has been shown at a unicellular level.  So the property of ‘psyche’, whether attached to a nervous system or a brain, and whether or not conscious is inseparable from the property of life: they might indeed be seen as synonymous, and for Aristotle, psyche seemed to express functions symptomatic of life.
To talk about psychosomatics is to put the cart before the horse: we are somatopsychic: what is not ‘mentalised’ can only be expressed somatically; and furthermore, the soma can be shown in cases of synchronicity to share those same properties of timelessness and spacelessness which are ascribed to the unconscious psyche.  I bring three clinical vignettes to illustrate these points.

Richard Carvalho is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, one time consultant psychotherapist at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London, a psychoanalytic psychotherapist (The Tavistock) and a Jungian analyst (SAP). He is a training and supervising analyst for the SAP and various other organisations.

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    1. Chris Mawson says:

      I am a former colleague of Richard Carvalho, and would very much like him to know I would like to speak with him about whether Michael Eigen is known to him and other colleagues at SAP.
      I am a training analyst at the British Psychoanalytical Society.
      Chris Mawson
      07920 865473

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