12 Mar 21 - 14 Mar 21

Date: 12 Mar 21 - 14 Mar 21

Time: 2:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Location: Online Zoom

Dedicated to Alessandra Cavalli (1957-2020)

As many of you will know, following the successful International Child Conference in Moscow in April 2019, the Society of Analytical Psychology offered to host a 2nd Child Conference in Cambridge, UK, from March 12th to 14th 2021. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided it is premature to hold a live, international conference but since we already have in place a programme of excellent and well-known plenary speakers specialising in child analysis and child research, we have decided to hold the conference online. We hope to host a live conference in 2022.

​We were deeply saddened by the death of Alessandra Cavalli on May 17th 2020. She was a child and adult-trained member of the SAP, a dedicated and skilled analyst and an essential member of the organising team for the conference. We have decided to dedicate the online conference to her memory and the opening presentation will be about her significant professional contribution to the field of child analysis.

​The conference will be held on three afternoons, Friday March 12th, Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th. This will permit those interested in child analysis but living in different countries to join us online.

Francesco Bisagni & Jan Wiener, SAP




Anne Alvarez, PhD
“100 years of child analysis. What we have learnt, where are we going?”

Ruth Ammann, Phd
“The therapeutical potential of Sandplay for clinicians: 40 years ago and today”

Francesco Bisagni, MD
The fenceless field today: Neumann’s and Fordham’s legacies and the contemporary challenges of theory and technique”

Warren Colman, MSc
“Thinking the unthinkable. Trauma, defence and early states of mind in the work of Alessandra Cavalli.”

Susanne Hommel, PhD
“The roots of early relational experiences in the development of a sense of self: the empirical versus the observed baby”

Graham Music, PhD
Adolescent Brains and States of Mind:
How ancient developmental tasks are affected by 21st century challenges. Cyberspace, stress, and emotional dysregulation through the lens of developmental science and psychotherapy

Inge-Martine, Pretorius, PhD-DPsych
“Anna Freud’s ‘double approach’: combining direct observation with psychoanalytic reconstruction in early intervention in a therapeutic parent-toddler group”


Organised by SAP. Supported by IAAP. For more information about the event: +4402074357696

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