The latency complex: the dead hand of anti-development: Barry D. Proner

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Date(s) - 01/10/2016
10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Cambridge - Friends Meeting House


The Latency Complex: The Dead Hand of Anti-development

Barry D. Proner

It is common knowledge that the same phenomena can be viewed in a variety of ways. In this talk I am going to consider the implications of a constellation I have observed in some adult patients who have increasingly reminded me of some of the children of latency age with whom I have also worked. In the literature these patients may also have been thought of in terms of ‘defences of the self’ (Fordham), patients who are ‘difficult to reach’ (Joseph), ‘psychic retreats’ (Steiner), and those who make ‘attacks on linking’ (Bion). They may equally be considered in terms of schizoid, narcissistic or borderline personalities, or as showing features on the autistic spectrum, such as mindlessness and extreme obsessionality.

Writers such as Helene Deutsch with her concept of an ‘as-if personality’, Winnicott with  the ‘false self’, and Rosenfeld, discussing the split-off parts of the personality in narcissistic patients, have given much to think about in their consideration of some of the phenomena. In my presentation I propose yet another vertex—my own imaginative conjecture—that is by no means mutually exclusive with any of the others.

Dr. Barry D. Proner has been a Supervising and Training Analyst of the SAP since 1988. He was trained originally as a psychiatrist and a child psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School in the USA and came to England in 1972 to train at the SAP in both Child and Adolescent and Adult Analytical Psychology under Michael Fordham, among others. He has published, taught and lectured extensively. He is in private practice in London.

Chair: Daphne Lambert, SAP

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