27 Nov 21

Date: 27 Nov 21

Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Location: Online Zoom

Online Seminar series – Part 1

27/11/2021 Seminar 1

Role of the body and somatisation in early relational trauma

In this seminar we will explore how unsymbolised (and often preverbal) dimensions related to early relational trauma are stored in the body and manifest in the consulting room. We will look at the mechanisms involved in producing somatic symptoms and draw on clinical examples to think about various ways the analyst’s body and mind may be engaged (and used by the patient) in working with these early dimensions of experience

04/12/2021 Seminar 2

The psychoid dimension in working with early trauma

Following on from the previous seminar, we will explore how our openness to the psychoid dimension of the Unconscious can facilitate working with early trauma sequelae, such as deeply ingrained experiences of abandonment, disconnectedness, aloneness and mistrust in human connections. Using clinical examples, we will look at how synchronistic experiences that arise from this level of original unity or unus mundus can have a transformative impact on our patients and help them restore their sense of connectedness to themselves and to others. We will discuss different types of synchronistic experiences and consider some clinical challenges that may be encountered in engaging with the psychoid

Dr Lara Lagutina is a Jungian Analyst and a Clinical Psychologist, with a specialist training in working with trauma and a particular interest in early relational trauma. She is on the editorial board of the Journal of Analytical Psychology and is Programme Director for the Analytic Training at the SAP. She works in full time private practice in London.