9 Oct 15

Date: 9 Oct 15

Time: 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Location: London

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With Andrea Marzi in dialogue with Alessandra Cavalli

20140626135021_1245_IMG_3696.JPG_96041Andrea Marzi will present his work with people addicted to the internet. Using clinical vignettes of his work with one patient in particular, he will explore the consequences of virtual reality in the analytical field. He will give thoughts to how cyberspace sets unconscious phantasy free.  He will show how his patient was able to integrate split off parts of his self, that he thought lost in the cyberspace.

Andrea Marzi (MD) is a psychoanalyst, member of the IPA. He works in private practice and teaches Criminology and Forensic Psychopathology ay the Univerity of Siena. His book “Psicoanalisi, Identità e Internet”, Franco Angeli, 2013,  will be published by Karnac in the next future.