2 Feb 19

Date: 2 Feb 19

Time: 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Location: Outside London

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Ethnicity and Racism in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy:

Whose problem is it anyway?

Helen Morgan, Jungian Analyst


Historically the matter of an individual’s ethnicity, culture and the process of racialisation has largely been ignored in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Whilst most trainings have introduced seminars on the subject, it is rarely considered in the theoretical aspects of the trainings in an integrated and ordinary way, nor is it often discussed in clinical seminars and supervision. This colour-blind position fails to see or acknowledge difference, hence the white individual is able to avoid the shame and guilt involved in owning any racist thought. For the black trainee an important aspect of their identity and experience is not allowed expression, making the training experience a difficult and incomplete one. This talk suggests that this situation has implications, not only for potential black applicants and patients, but also for our professional organisations where this covert form of racism shields ourselves and our theories from a potentially creative and enlivening challenge.

Helen Morgan is a Fellow of the British Psychotherapy Foundation and a training analyst and supervisor for the Jungian Analytic Association within the BPF. She works mainly in private practice as an analyst and also supervises in both the individual and the group setting. Her background is in therapeutic communities both with adolescents and in adult mental health. She is interested in developing an understanding of racism from a psychoanalytic/Jungian analytic perspective and has written a number of papers on the subject. She is currently chair of the British Psychoanalytic Council.

Chair: Judy Cowell

This is a 2-hour CPD credit event