9 Nov 19

Date: 9 Nov 19

Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Location: London

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JAP / SAP One-Day Conference:

‘Displacement – Contemporary Traumatic Experience’

This conference will explore the relationship between our selves and the environments we inhabit. Inner and outer worlds are generally considered through different disciplines and fields of knowledge, but the experience of refugees highlights the need to consider them simultaneously, in order to understand more clearly their deep mutual influence. This complex ecosystem of relationships with our non-human environment applies to all of us.

We will look at how, and in what ways, displacement can be considered traumatic and disrupt our mental lives; how this applies and can be worked with not only with refugees, but also with others in our therapeutic practices, and in ourselves. We will explore the issues related to this foundational matrix in relation to migrants, refugees, therapy, language, dreams, politics, family, relational and cultural values and an unrepresented psychic void that can be transmitted over the generations if not addressed.

Our three guest speakers Amanda Dowd (Australia), Monica Luci (Italy), Ali Zarbarfi (London and Iran) each bring a wealth of experience to our discussion from different perspectives and cultural contexts.

We cordially invite you to join us for our one-day Conference ‘Displacement: Contemporary Traumatic Experience’ to be held in London on Saturday 9 November, 2019, which we hope will provide you with an opportunity to share experience and think together about this most urgent contemporary issue and therapeutic dilemma.

For more information please visit the JAP website: www.thejap.org, 

This is a CPD event