Clinical Workshop on the Beginning of Analysis and Psychotherapy

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Date(s) - 03/10/2020
10:00 am - 1:00 pm



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An Online Clinical Workshop

The First Moment: A Clinical Workshop on the Beginning of

Analysis and Psychotherapy

Jan Wiener & Henry Abramovitch

Beginnings have important personal, cultural and ritual significance. They play a crucial role in our lives and in our imagination, as well as in analysis and psychotherapy. The noted Israeli author, Amos Oz, said the first line of a novel is a contract between the reader and the writer which is only verified at the end of the work. The same might be said about analysis and psychotherapy.

In our workshop, we will slow down and reflect on the importance of beginnings for both patients and therapists. The quality of the beginning of psychotherapy reverberates throughout the course of the therapeutic relationship and we know that initial memories are stored differently and more intensely in the brain than subsequent memories.

Using clinical and experiential approaches to deepen our understanding, this workshop will explore the personal and archetypal nature of beginnings in therapy. A beginning always implies an ending and psychotherapy is the only intimate relationship that we know will have an ending.

The workshop will begin with a dialogue between Henry Abramovitch and Jan Wiener. Themes for the workshop will include: when does therapy actually begin? The significance of different kinds of beginning for both patients and therapists. Good and difficult beginnings.

Participants are encouraged to share an experience of a significant beginning, or via a song, a poem, a story etc.

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