Defences and Disturbances

The aim of the seminars is to think about different models of defences and disturbances and how different conceptualisations may affect clinical work and interpretations, or how, in turn, clinical work may affect our thinking about the psyche and its defences.

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Seminar 1:

Jung, C.G. (1960) On the Importance of the Unconscious in Psychopathology. In CW.3 The Psychogenesis of mental disease pp.203-210 (paras 438-465). London: Routledge and Kegan Paul

Neumann, E. (1973) The Uroboros. In The Origins and History of Conciousness pp.5-38. London: Karnac    ISBN 0-695-0176-1

Fordham, M. (1960) Ego, Self and Mental Health. Brit. J. Med. Psychol. , 33, 249-253

Seminar 2:

Sklar, J. (2011) The rebirth of history and trauma in Psychoanalysis. In History, Trauma, Psychoanalysis pp. 1-27. Karnac. (ISBN: 9781855758926)

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Tustin, F. (1990)  Psychotherapy with children who cannot play. In The Protective Shell in Children and Adults chp. 5 pp. 97-121.  Karnac (ISBN: 9780946439812)

Seminar 3:

Bick, E. (1968) The Experience of the Skin in Early Object-Relations. International Journal of Psychoanalysis 49: 3 pp.484-486 (ISSN:0020 7578)  Available on PEPweb

Meltzer, D., Bremmer, J., Hoxter, S., Weddell, D., Wittenberg. (1975) The Psychology of Autistic States and of Post-Autistic Mentality by Meltzer, D. In Explorations in Autism: a Psycho-Analytical Study p 6-29. Clunie Press: The Roland Harris Educational Trust. (ISBN: 0902965 034)

Seminal 4:

Hinshelwood, R.D. (1997) Catastrophe, Objects and Representation: Three Levels of Interpretation. British Journal of Psychotherapy 13: 3, pp.307-317 (ISSN:  02655 9883)  Available on PEPweb

Kalsched, D. (1996) The inner world of trauma in its diabolical form. In The inner world of trauma: archetypal defences of the personal spirit. pp. 11-28. London: Routledge (ISBN: 0415 123291)

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Part II

Seminar 5:

Storr, A. (1993) Disposable Passion. In The Dynamics of Creation pp. 219-233. Ballantine Books (ISBN: 9780345376732)

Note: The library copy of this book is missing. We have ordered a new one and will provide the reading to you as soon as the book arrives.

Fordham, M. (1974) Defences of the Self.  JAP 19:2, 192-199.  (ISSN:  0021-8774) Available on PEPweb

Knox, J. (2003) Trauma and Defences: their Roots in Relationships.  JAP 48:2, 307-233. (ISSN:  0021-8774) Available on PEPweb

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