Borderline States

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Seminar 1

Lutenberg, J.M. (2007) Mental void and the borderline patient. In Resonance of Suffering: Countertransference in Non-Neurotic Structures p.89-120 edited by Green, A. London: International Psychoanalytical Association (International Psychoanalysis Library) (ISBN: 9781905888016)

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Steiner, J. (1993) A theory of psychic retreats. In Psychic Retreats p.1-13  London: Routledge (International Psychoanalysis Library) (ISBN: 970415099240)

Seminar 2


Killick,K. (2014) Soundless Screaming: Psychotic Anxiety and Analytic Containment pp 259-266 in Copenhagen 2013 100 years on: Origins, Innovations and Controversies Proceedings of the 19th Congress of the International Association for Analytical Psychology ed. Kiehl, Emilija Switzerland: Daimon Verlag


Charlton, R. (1988) Lines and Shadows: Fictions from the Borderline. In The Borderline Personality in Analysis p.41-74 (1988) edited by Schwartz-Salant, N. and Stein, M. Wilmette, Illinois: Chiron Publications ISBN: 0933029136

Bion, W.R. (1967) Differentiation of the psychotic and non-psychotic personalities. In Second Thoughts p.43-64. London: Karnac ISBN: 0946439044

Seminar 3

Hobson, R. (1985) The Heart of Darkness. In Forms of Feeling: The Heart of Psychotherapy p.261-281 (1985) London: Tavistock ISBN: 0422788708

Little, M. (1985) Winnicott working in areas where psychotic anxieties predominate Free Associations 3 9-42

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