PPT Y1 – Uncon2

Approaches to the Unconcious 

Bob Withers

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General Books:

Core Boston process study group (2010) Change in Psychotherapy; a unifying paradigm. Norton: New York (ISBN:

Essential Fonagy P and Target M (2003) Psychoanalytic theories; Perspectives from developmental psychopathology. Whurr: London and Philadelphia (ISBN: 9781861562395)

Background Fonagy P (2001) Attachment theory and psychoanalysis. Other Press: New York    (ISBN: 1892746700)

Essential Holmes J (1993) John Bowlby and attachment theory. Routledge: London and New York  (ISBN: 0415077303)

Core Knox J. (2003) Archetype, Attachment, Analysis; Jungian Analysis and the emergent mind Brunner-Routledge Hove and New York (ISBN: 1583911286)

Background Mahler M et al (1975) The psychological birth of the human infant Maresfield library London

Please see references for papers for specific seminars below


Seminars 1 and 2: Contemporary perspectives on the unconscious

Boston process study group (2010) The foundational level of psychodynamic meaning: Implicit process in relation to conflict, defense and the dynamic unconscious p.143-160. In Change in psychotherapy: a unifying paradigm W.W. Norton & Company: New York (ISBN: 139780393705997)

Knox J. (2003) The Making of Meaning: The formation of internal working models p.70-103. in Archetype, Attachment and Analysis Brunner-Routledge: Hove (ISBN: 1583911286)

Optional Bargh, J and Morsella, E (2008) The Unconscious mind in Perspectives in Psychological Science. 2008 3:1 p.73–79.  (A look at some of the contemporary social and cognitive psychological research on the unconscious mind; available free on line) http://pps.sagepub.com/content/3/1.toc

Seminars 3 and 4: Object relations

Segal, H. (1985) The Klein—Bion Model p.35-47. Chapter 3 In Models of the Mind: Their Relationships to Clinical Work, Classic Books Available on PepWeb

Withers R. (ed.) (2003) Controversy one: prospects for the Jung/Klein synthesis. In Controversies in analytical psychology p.[6]-48. Routledge Hove and New York (ISBN: 0415233054)

Note: Copyright restrictions mean that only the first section by Elizabeth Urban ie p.[6]-22) can be digitized. For the rest, please refer to the reference shelf in the library.

Fonagy, P; Target, M (2003) The Klein Bion model. In Psychoanalytic theories: perspectives from developmental psychopathology chp. 6 pp.118-136. Whurr: London & Philadelphia (ISBN: 9781861562395)

Seminars 5 and 6: Object relations

Kalsched, D. (2013) Psychoanalytic approaches to the inner world chap 6 pp. 187-213 in Trauma and the Soul Routledge: London (ISBN: 9780415681452)

Winnicott, DW. (1974) Fear of Breakdown pp. 87-95 in Psychoanalytic Explorations Harvard Uni Press: Boston

Optional Ogden, T.H. (1985) The Mother, the Infant and the Matrix: Interpretations of Aspects of the work of Donald Winnicott. Contemp. Psychoanal., 21:346-371. Available on PepWeb

Fonagy P and Target M (2003) Chapter 8 North American object relations theorists in Psychoanalytic theories; Perspectives from developmental psychopathology Whurr London and Philadelphia

Seminars 7 and 8: Attachment and emergence

Holmes J (1993) Attachment, anxiety, internal working models. In John Bowlby and attachment theory p.61-85. Routledge: London and New York (ISBN: 0415077303)

Ogden, T.H. (2014) Fear of Breakdown and the unlived life IJPA Volume: 95, Issue 2

Optional Fonagy, P. (1999) Points of contact and divergence between psychoanalytic and attachment theories: Is psychoanalytic theory truly different? Psychoanalytic Inquiry, 19:448-480.

Seminars 9 and 10 Attachment and emergence

Optional Ogden, T.H. (1994) The Analytic Third: Working with Intersubjective Clinical Facts. Int. J. Psycho-Anal., 75:3-19. (ISSN: 00207578) Available on PepWeb

Optional Mahler M (1975) Part 1 Separation –individuation in perspective. In The Psychological birth of the human infant:symbiosis and individuation p.3-16. Maresfield Library: London