Body in the Consulting Room

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Seminar 1: The somatising patient

Ogden, T (2001) ‘Re-minding the Body’ in Conversations at the Frontier of Dreaming, p.155-174. New Jersey and London: Jason Aronson (ISBN: 1855759063)

Connolly, A (2013) ‘Out of the body: embodiment and its vicissitudes’, Journal of Analytical Psychology, 58:5, p. 636–656, November 2013

Note: This article is not on PepWeb yet because it is quite recent. However, you should be able to access it on the JAP website through your trainee subscription. Please let us know if there are any problems with accessing the article and we’ll source it for you through the library.

Sidoli, M (1993) ‘When the meaning gets lost in the body’, Journal of Analytical Psychology, 38:2, p.175-190  Available via pepweb

Seminar 2: The analyst’s psyche-soma in the countertransference

Redfearn, J (2000) ‘Possible psychosomatic hazards to the therapist: patients as self objects’,  Journal of Analytical Psychology, 45:2, p.177-194. Available via pepweb

Stone, M (2006) ‘The analyst’s body as tuning fork: embodied resonance in countertransference’.  Journal of Analytical Psychology, 51:1, p.109-124 Available via pepweb

Seminar 3: Observations on the body-mind divide

Mitrani, J (2008) ‘Pseudo-object relations: Illustration’, in A Framework for the Imaginary – Clinical Explorations in Primitive States of Being, p.171-203. London: Karnac (ISBN: 1568214790)

Winnicott, D W  (1987)   ‘Mind and its relation to the psyche-soma’ [1949] in Through Paediatrics to Psycho-Analysis, p.243-254. London: The Hogarth Press  (ISBN: 0701203994) Available via pepweb

Recommended further reading:

Anzieu, D (1989)The Notion of a skin ego in The Skin Ego: A Psychological Approach to the Self.  Yale University Press

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