Transitions: Adolescence into Adulthood – Working with 18 to 25 year olds

Transitions: Adolescence into Adulthood – Working with 18 to 25 year olds

A modular CPD clinical training course for counsellors, psychologists and analysts registered with BACP, UKCP, BPS or BPC.

With limited therapeutic services available to this transitional age group in the UK, there is increasing pressure and demand on therapists in private practice and charities to treat patients within this group.  This course has been developed to further the therapist’s skill and support when working with this challenging developmental stage.

Course Aim

This course supports a learning and experiential space for the therapist to discover what it will mean to allow the patient’s core anxieties—conscious and unconscious—to emerge in the service of development. This course gives close attention to transference and counter-transference manifestations and to the central significance of observation. A vital training objective is to support therapists in approaching the intricate defences and concerns of this age group. Working with adolescents in transition to adulthood can all too easily be marked with disconnectedness from the fears of madness, attachment, separation, dependency, somatisation, sexuality, and identity.

The training and facilitation ethos of this course focuses on the therapeutic implications of this age group being disconnected. The course will foster therapeutic approaches that connect adolescent patients with what it means to become their adult selves.

General course information

Duration: 3 modules of 3 monthly Saturdays each

Convenors: Dr Alessandra Cavalli and Dr Francesco Bisagni

Fees: £400/module

2017-18 Programme

Module 1 – Assessment and Clinical Implications for this age group
14 October 2017 Alessandra Cavalli and Francesco Bisagni Transition
18 November 2017 Francesco Bisagni with

Marica Rytovaara

Risk assessment and risk management
09 December 2017 Alessandra Cavalli with

Anne Alvarez

The re-emergence of early trauma in adolescence
Module 2 – Pathology: Sexuality, Eating habits and Cyberspace
13 January 2018 Alessandra Cavalli with

Marina  Bonfatto

Sexuality and Identity
10 February 2018 Francesco Bisagni with

Elizabeth Anscombe

No entry defences, eating disorders and body dysphormia
10 March 2018 Alessandra Cavalli with Giussepina Antinucci Identity and cyberspace
Module 3 – Specialised Clinical Approaches
14 April 2018 Francesco Bisagni with

Elizabeth Urban

On the Fordham model
12 May 2018 Francesco Bisagni with

Martin Schmidt

The paternal function: its role in the transition from adolescence to adult life
09 June 2018 Alessandra Cavalli and

Ian Williamson

Being between in pretend and in reality

Application deadline is 4 September 2017.You can download a Transitions Prospectus and 2017-18 Application here.