These pages contain a wealth of information for anyone wanting to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Jung, analytical psychology or the Society of Analytical Psychology. They contain the following:

The Journal of Analytical Psychology – there are a series of pages giving information about the foremost Journal for Jungian analysis. Included are details on the following:

About C.G. Jung – there is an introductory page on Carl Jung which leads on to longer more detailed papers in 'Short papers to download' (see below).

Short papers that can be read online or downloaded about key concepts in analytical psychology, including: Jung the man, Jung’s model of the psyche, complexes and archetypes, the shadow, individuation, spirituality and religion, typology, the analytic relationship, dreams, amplification and active imagination, post-Jungian developmental theory, and Jung and addiction.

These papers are written by members of the SAP and it is hoped that they will whet the reader’s appetite for further study. More papers may be added as time goes on.

Michael Fordham was one of the founders of the SAP and a writer and thinker who contributed enormously to the development of Jung’s ideas, as well as making his own significant contributions to the analytic field. This page gives an outline of his life and work.

Books written by Members of the SAP and audio CDs of talks given at the Society are listed on this page.

Media research resources is a page with information and contact details for members of the media wishing to research issues further or speak to a member of the Society about issues of current interest in the press.

Members’ area – this button gives access to the pages for members of the SAP, which can also be accessed through the members login button on the mid-band on each page.

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