Members' Books

Books written or edited by members of the SAP

The Library of Analytical Psychology Series

Analytical Psychology: A Modern Science M. Fordham et al (eds)
Technique in Jungian Analysis M. Fordham et al (eds)
The Self and Autism M. Fordham
Explorations into the Self M. Fordham
Dying and Creating: A Search for Meaning R. Gordon
Analysis, Repair and Individuation K. Lambert
My Self, My Many Selves J. Redfearn
Psychopathology: Contemporary Jungian Perspectives A. Samuels (ed)
Jungian Child Psychotherapy M. Sidoli & M. Davies (eds)
The Makings of Maleness: Men, Women, and the Flight of Daedalus P. Tatham

The Society of Analytical Psychology Monograph Series

Understanding Boundaries and Containment in Clinical Practice (Karnac) R. Brown & K. Stobart  
Understanding the Self-Ego Relationship in Clinical Practice: Towards Individuation M. Clark
Understanding Narcissism in Clinical Practice V.G. Fuller & H. Robinson
Understanding Perversion in Clinical Practice: Structure and Strategy in the Psyche F. Ross
Understanding Religion and Spirituality in Clinical Practice M. Clark
Understanding Dreams in Clinical Practice M. West

Other Titles

Survivors of Addiction: Narratives of Recovery - A Jungian Perspective (Routledge) M. Addenbrooke
Contemporary Jungian Analysis: Post-Jungian Perspectives from The Society of Analytical Psychology (Routledge)
I. Alister & C. Hauke (eds)
Michael Fordham: Innovations in Analytical Psychology (Routledge) J. Astor
The Practice of Psychoanalytic Parent-Infant Psychotherapy: Claiming the Baby (Routledge) T. Baradon, J. Woodhead et al.
Understanding the Self-ego Relationship in Clinical Practice: Towards Individuation (Karnac) M. Clark
Understanding Religion and Spirituality in Clinical Practice (Karnac) M. Clark
Supervising Psychotherapy (Sage) C. Driver & E. Martin (eds)
Supervision and the Analytic Attitude (Whurr) C. Driver & E. Martin (eds)
Jungian Psychotherapy (Karnac) M. Fordham
The Making of an Analyst (Free Association Books) M. Fordham
Analyst-Patient Interaction: Collected Papers on Technique (Routledge) M. Fordham, (ed Shamdasani)
Freud, Jung, Klein The Fenceless Field: Essays in Psychoanalysis and Analytical Psychology (Routledge) M. Fordham (ed. R. Hobdell)
Bridges: Metaphor for Psychic Processes (Karnac) R. Gordon
Jung and the Postmodern (Routledge) C. Hauke
Dialogue in the Analytic Setting: Selected Papers of Louis Zinkin on Jung and on Group Analysis (J. Kingsley) R. Gordon, J. Haynes, H. Zinkin (eds)
When a Princess Dies: Reflections from Jungian Analysts (Harvest Books) J. Haynes & A. Shearer (eds)
People Who Do Things to Each Other (Chiron) J. Hubback
The I Ching: Points of Balance and Cycles of Change (Karnac) M. Jones
Art, Psychotherapy and Psychosis (Routledge) K. Killick & J. Schaverien (eds)
Archetype, Attachment, Analysis (Routledge) J. Knox
Listen to the Voice Within: A Jungian approach to Pastoral Care (SPCK) C. Perry
Living with Dreams (Rider) R. Peters
Analysis Analysed (Routledge) F. Plaut
The Exploding Self (Chiron) J. Redfearn
Understanding Perversion in Clinical Practice (Karnac) F. Ross
Perversion: A Jungian Approach (Karnac) F. Ross
Understanding Narcissism in Clinical Practice (Karnac) V.G. Fuller, H. Robinson
Jung and the Post-Jungians (Routledge) A. Samuels
The Plural Psyche (Routledge) A. Samuels
The Political Psyche (Routledge) A. Samuels
Politics on the Couch: Citizenship and the Internal Life (Profile) A. Samuels
The Father (Free Association Books) A. Samuels (ed)
A Critical Dictionary of Jungian Analysis (Routledge) A. Samuels, B. Shorter & F. Plaut
Supervision of Art Psychotherapy: A Theoretical and Practical Handbook (Routledge)
J. Schaverien, C. Case (eds)
Gender, Countertransference & the Erotic Transference: Perspectives from Analytical Psychology and Psychoanalysis (Routledge) J. Schaverien (ed)
The Dying Patient in Psychotherapy: Desire, Dreams and Individuation (Palgrave/Macmillan) J. Schaverien
The Revealing Image: Analytical Art Psychotherapy in Theory and Practice (J. Kingsley) J. Schaverien
Desire and the Female Therapist: Engendered Gazes in Psychotherapy and Art Therapy (Routledge) J. Schaverien
The Unfolding Self (Sigo) M. Sidoli
Feeling, Being and the Sense of Self: A New Perspective on Identity, Affect and Narcissistic Disorders (Karnac) M. West
Understanding Dreams in Clinical Practice (Karnac) M. West
Supervising and Being Supervised (Palgrave Macmillan) J. Wiener, R. Mizen, J. Duckham (eds)
Counselling and Psychotherapy in Primary Health Care: Psychodynamic Approach (Macmillan) J. Wiener & M. Sher
Coming into Mind. The Mind-Brain Relationship: A Jungian Perspective (Karnac) M. Wilkinson
Changing Minds in Therapy: Emotion, Attachment, Trauma, and Neurobiology (Norton) M. Wilkinson

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