Imagination and Earth - Mary-Jayne Rust

Location: London

Date: 21 May 2011

10am - 12.30pm
Chair: Anna Bravesmith

Jung warned of what was to come if we continued to fight rather than to follow nature. Now we are seeing the results of our unresolved relationship with the earth. ‘Nature’ is seen as a bunch of objects to be used; wilderness is often feared as dark, dangerous or empty. At the same time, we claim to love nature. Can we hold open a playful space to re-imagine our relationship with the earth in the face of such deadly and paralysing crisis? How are these issues relevant to our practice and thinking as therapists? 

Mary-Jayne Rust
is an art therapist, Jungian analyst and ecopsychologist. In the 1980’s, she worked at the Women’s Therapy Centre, London. Her many years’ experience of working with women with eating problems have led to a wider inquiry into our collective consuming of the earth, and the relationship between mind and body, soul and the land. She lectures widely and writes on these themes. Visit:

Anna Bravesmith
is a Member of The SAP with a private practice in London. She has also worked for more than 12 years providing brief dynamic psychotherapy in NHS Primary Care. She is an experienced supervisor and has taught at LCP, AGIP, WPF, HBCF, The SAP and the Jungian Russian program. She has published papers on supervision, brief therapy, and Jungian analysis. She lectures widely in the UK and abroad.

Venue: The Society of Analytical Psychology
Cost: £25 / £15 for students including coffee

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