Jungian analysis and psychotherapy for adults, adolescents and children.

The Society of Analytical Psychology offers psychotherapy, analysis and short-term work to people who are in distress or have emotional problems, as well as to those who feel a lack of fulfilment or seek an exploration of meaning in their lives. Learn more about us...

The Clinic

If you are thinking about therapy, we can provide a consultation with an SAP analyst.  This service will give you an opportunity to talk through your reasons for wanting therapy and may lead to analysis or less intensive psychotherapy. We offer reduced fees if you are on benefits or a low income for both the consultation and the subsequent therapy.To arrange a consultation, click here.


Opportunities for low fee psychotherapy and analysis

Psychotherapy and analysis provide an opportunity for the exploration of a wide range of emotional difficulties, in a safe environment. Psychotherapy usually involves one or two sessions a week whilst analysis, which is a more intensive exploration of the inner world, involves four sessions a week.
We have vacancies for low fee analysis in Cambridge and Royston, Hertfordshire.
We also have vacancies for the psychotherapy in Cambridge, Ruislip (West London), and Woolhampton (Reading).

The recommended minimum fee is £15 a session.For more information please contact clinic@thesap.org.uk

Professional training

The Society of Analytical Psychology is one of the leading training institutes in Jungian analysis and psychotherapy, integrating the ideas of Jung and post-Jungian developments with those of psychoanalysis.

Training for Clinicians

Introductory Courses

Talks and Conferences

The Journal of Analytical Psychology


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The Society of Analytical Psychology is a member of the British Psychoanalytic Council

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