Foundations of Analytical Psychology

An Introductory Course in Jungian and Post-Jungian Concepts

This course provides an introduction to key Jungian and Post–Jungian concepts. It consists of a talk from a member of The SAP, followed by small group discussions which allow these concepts to be further digested and personalized, also led by a member of The SAP.

We are currently only accepting applications for the Summer Term of the Foundations Course. The Summer Term is open to anyone who has completed the first two terms of the Foundations Course.

For more information, including the  programme brochureapplication form and payment of fees, please go to Foundations - Third Term


Below are the details of the first two terms of the Foundations Course that are currently running. The 2015-16 programme will run on the same lines and more details will be made available here in due course.

30 evenings running from September 2014 to July 2015 in London

20 evenings running from October 2014 to March 2015 in Chichester.

Format: Seminar:  7pm - 8.15pm; Small groups:  8.30pm - 9.30pm


For more information about the course currently running, download the brochure


For more information about the course currently running, download the programme flyer

You can either pay by:

By PayPal


Please say FC (your initials) in the comments section

Debit/Credit Card: Please call the Education & Training Administrator on 020 7419 8898

Bank Transfer: Please email the Education & Training Administrator at

By cheque: Please send a cheque payable to the SAP to the Education & Training Administrator, 1 Daleham Gardens, London NW3 5BY

Completion Certificate: A minimum attendance of 80% is required to receive a course completion certificate

For further information and to enroll for next year, please contact the Education & Training Administrator on 020 7419 8898


We reserve the right to cancel or alter any part of the programme due to unforeseen circumstances.

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What participants have to say:


It has been a thoroughly worthwhile experience: a chance to learn from expert Jungian practitioners, accompanied by a diverse group of people whose warmth and engagement have helped make this a true learning opportunity. All in a wonderful setting surrounded by books. What more could I ask?


It’s been a stimulating, thought-provoking and moving experience provided by a marvellously diverse range of inspiring analysts in the company of curious, compassionate and sometimes challenging people. Thank you.


I am a professional in the field and this is not the first course I have attended so far. The Foundation Course at SAP has been outstanding, inspirational, with the right balance of high calibre academic lectures and experiential group activities; it has helped me in my work with patients and encouraged me to pursue further training. I highly recommend it.