Finding an Analyst or Therapist

Analysts are listed alphabetically, geographically and according to whether they are qualified in adult or child and adolescent analysis. The names of those able to work in languages other than English are given in a separate list.

All our members are trained to a high degree. However, people who are intending to train at the Society need to be in analysis with a Supervising Analyst or Training Analyst of the Society. Supervising Analysts are also approved to supervise trainees of the Society. An analyst's particular designation is denoted by a S (Supervising Analyst), T (Training Analyst) or M (Member) by the side of their name in the lists. Senior analysts who are no longer taking on people for training are known as Supervising Analysts Emeritus (signified by SE) on the list. Retired members are denoted by the letter R.

Find an Analyst or Therapist by:

Alternatively we can put you in touch with a therapist through our C.G. Jung consultation and referral service - visit the dedicated pages for further details.

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