Consultation Service

A consultation service is available to people who wish to explore whether psychotherapy or analysis would be helpful to them. They will be given an opportunity to talk about themselves, their difficulties and, if they wish, will be referred to a suitable analyst.

The consultation may take place in one session or may extend to two or three meetings if that is necessary. Whilst therapy and analytic sessions are 50 minutes in length, a meeting for a first consultation will usually be longer, perhaps between one hour and an hour and a quarter. The fee for this meeting is £75, although a discount of £30 is given to people on benefit.

Analysis may be helpful for a range of life problems and difficulties such as:

The patient may see the analyst between once and five times a week. A fee is charged for treatment and the amount is decided by arrangement between analyst and patient.

Who are the Analysts?

They are members of the Society of Analytical Psychology. This means they have completed an analytic training of at least four years, which includes close supervision of their work and undergoing a personal analysis.

What to do next?

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