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A consultation service is available for people who wish to explore whether psychotherapy or analysis would be helpful. During the consultation, you will have an opportunity to talk about yourself and your difficulties and consider what form of therapy would be most helpful for you. The consultation may involve one session or extend to two if necessary. Whilst sessions for therapy and analysis last 50 minutes, the meeting for a first consultation will usually be longer, perhaps between one hour and an hour and a quarter. The fee for this initial consultation is £75, although a discount of £30 is given to people on low incomes or benefits.

If psychotherapy or analysis is found to be the best form of help, you will be referred on to an SAP psychotherapist or analyst as appropriate.  If psychotherapy or analysis is not considered to be the most suitable form of help, the SAP will make every effort to identify other sources of help for you.

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Why Choose Analysis or Psychotherapy?

Analysis or psychotherapy may be helpful for a range of life problems , mild, moderate or severe and may include:

Fees for Analysis or Psychotherapy

Sessions with a psychotherapist will usually consist of one or two sessions a week. Sessions with an analyst may be offered at a frequency of between one and five times a week depending on what is thought to be most helpful and what vacancies are available.  A fee is charged for treatment and the amount is decided by arrangement between you and the analyst or psychotherapist. Reduced fees may be available if you have a low income or receive benefits.  The recommended minimum fee is £15 a session. Fees are decided together with the analyst or psychotherapist depending on your particular circumstances.

Who are the Analysts and Psychotherapists?

They are members or trainee members of the Society of Analytical Psychology. Analyst members have completed an analytic training of at least four years, which includes close supervision of their clinical work and an in-depth personal analysis. Psychotherapist members will have completed a psychodynamic psychotherapy training of at least three years, which includes close supervision of their clinical work and a substantial period of at least twice weekly psychotherapy or analysis.SAP trainee analysts and psychotherapists are experienced practitioners who have had personal analysis or therapy and are now undertaking further rigorous training with the SAP. They have  been carefully selected on the basis of their maturity and prior experience and have extensive SAP training prior to beginning with SAP Clinic patients.  You will be in good and safe hands.

What to do next?

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