The Journal of Analytical Psychology

Editors-in-Chief: William Meredith-Owen, Susanna Wright (UK) & David Sedgwick (US)

The Journal of Analytical Psychology is the leading international Jungian publication in English. It was founded by Michael Fordham in 1955 on behalf of the Society of Analytical Psychology which owns and commissions the Journal. The Journal is renowned for its emphasis on the clinical practice of in-depth analysis and its exploration of the relationship between analytical psychology and psychoanalysis. It also addresses issues on the leading edge of philosophy, science, religion, and an understanding of the arts.

Clinical and theoretical articles, book and journal reviews, and a lively correspondence section reflect international developments and current controversies in analytical psychology and Jungian thinking. Journal articles demonstrate the continuing development, relevance and vitality of Jungian thought. The editorial board includes leading analysts from the UK, Europe and the USA, in collaboration with Jungian analysts from around the world.

The Journal of Analytical Psychology is published by Wiley-Blackwell. More infomation can be found here.


The Journal has hosted regular international conferences since 1996. Previous conferences have been held in USA, Canada, UK, Mexico and Europe. Recent conferences were held at Lake Orta in Italy in May 2008 on the theme of 'Tradition and Creativity: Reframing Analysis for a Changing World', San Francisco in May 2009 on the theme of 'The Transcendent Function Today: Analysis, Imagination and Psychic Transformation', in St. Petersburg in May 2010 on the theme of 'The Ancestors in Personal, Professional and Social History', and in Boston in April 2013 on the theme of 'Attachment and Intersubjectivity'. In March 2015, The Journal celebrarted its 60th anniversary with a conference 'Reflections on Jungian Clinical Practice: from Then till Now (1955-2015)'. Papers from this conference are to be published in the September 2015 issue (Vol. 60. no. 4) of the Journal.

Editorial Board – Past and Present

Michael Fordham was the first Editor of the Journal of Analytical Psychology from 1955-1970. Subsequent Editors were all members of the Society of Analytical Psychology until 1990 when the then Editor, Rosemary Gordon, invited John Beebe to be the first U.S. co-Editor. Since then, there have been two Editors-in-Chief, one from the UK and one from the U.S.A. In addition, the team of deputy and assistant Editors includes members from U.K., U.S.A., Canada, mainland Europe, South America, Australia and South Africa.

Previous Editors

U.S. Editors


The Journal presents the Michael Fordham Prize, which is awarded annually for the paper published in the J.A.P. in the previous year that demonstrates the most creative and original approach to clinical analytic thinking.

The Journal also supports the Jan Lee Prize for Analysis and the Arts, which awards an annual prize to the paper published in UK psychoanalytic and Jungian analytic journals which demonstrates a creative approach to the arts from an analytic perspective.

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